Teaze me, Babe! The 2011 Feisty Cat Pasties Collection out NOW!

Feisty-Cat_07Feisty-Cat_06Girls, there are brilliant news! The 2011 Pasties Collection of Feisty Cat is here and I had the extraordinarypleasure to wear some of these new creations directly at a shoot. The Nipple Pasties impress with their variety, quality and unbeatable value for money. With over 140 differentmodels, The Feisty Cat Store offers perhaps the greatest, but certainly the most beautiful selection of BurlesquePasties!
Especially the new Rhinestone Pasties caught my eyethey are so very elegant and sparkle seductively in the light. Another new highlight are the beautiful jewelry sets which combine pasties with pretty necklaces adornedwith beads, ribbons charming details. For small mermaids there are the posh Mussle Pasties. Kitty Pasties will give cat lovers like me pure ecstasy and just look at Geisha Pasties! Sigh, the choice is admittedly difficult with all these lovely jewelsif you ask me: I want them ALL!

Shop online@www.feisty-cat.com