Sinteque as Snow White in MARQUIS COSPLAY

When the Addams Family, Harley Quinn and Snow White gather in a kinky multiverse, it has to be the new MARQUIS COSPLAY!
For me, cosplay has always had something appealing about it and not least an erotic component. The imaginative costumes, elaborate props and make-up to slip into the role of superheroes, anime characters or sinister creatures – this playful way of transforming is fascinating and exciting.
I’m sure everyone knows the fairy tale of Snow White. In the magazine I present you my interpretation of the beauty with hair like ebony, a complexion like snow and lips as red as blood.
The seven dwarves, with whom she lives, lie at the divine beauty’s feet and read every wish from Snow White’s eyes. But this princess wants more and she knows exactly how to get it.
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Photos: Berserker
Snow White Latex Dress: HW-Design, Vienna