Spiegel TV video shooting @ Rubbers Finest

I was once again on the road visiting latex producer “Rubbers Finest”.
Especially the lovers of extravagant masks will know them by name. Just recently Rubbers Finest have started making great corsets and exklusive designer dresses and fashion. There is nothing the Rubbers Finest crew can’t do. Every exotic customer request is looked upon as a new challenge every fetish deream is made reality.

To have a look over the shoulders of the producers a television-crew of the German channel VOX has made an appointment. The curiosity was great and the female journalist was interrogating Doro and Ingo a lot and finally also me. I was filmed during the shooting and had the opportnity to try on some of these great clothes. I had a lot of fun and the questions of the journalist how I felt were more than superfluous ;o)

Sinteque - Rubbers Finest

Sinteque – Rubbers Finest

The Spiegel TV report on Rubbers Finest will be aired on Friday the
16.02.07 at 21:55 ( GMT + 1) on German channel VOX.