“Serafina” – Fetish Short Film Project – Part I

An idea is born
It was early 2020 and for some time now I’ve been driven by the vague feeling that I wanted to try something new as a model. More complex and meaningful than a photo and with more emotional depth, it should tell a story – a kind of short film. -That was it! 
I immediately thought of Mark Esper, a photographer and filmmaker friend of mine. I really appreciate his work as he is as professional and detail-oriented as I am. Fortunately, when I approached him, he was also immediately into the concept.
The fleshing out of the characters
The project was to include 3 short films in which the viewer would meet three fictional fetish personalities who couldn’t be more different from one another while still reflecting facets of Sinteque. In order to bring these characters to life, we set about developing a separate resumé for each character, by working out their individual traits first. Styling and make-up were then designed to emphasize each character’s style and personality. With this in mind, I contacted several outstanding latex designers and invited them on board and the project slowly took shape from there.
The pandemic brings the world to a standstill
Whilst we continued to work like crazy on the details of the script, accessories and a thousand other little things, the pandemic swiftly brought everything to a halt. The outfit from Tokyo was stuck in customs. Another from Vienna, which normally takes only 2-3 days to get to Berlin, was lost in transit for two whole weeks! And then when finally all the outfits did arrive, we couldn’t shoot because of the Coronavirus. 
It was truly exasperating. 
Thankfully, in the summer, due to a relaxation of Covid restrictions about meeting people, we finally had the chance to realise the project, albeit with a small team.
Short film 1: SERAFINA
Serafina is a femme fatale through and through and many of her traits are part of my own personality. With this in mind, I wanted to focus on BDSM and fetish themes without serving up the same old banal domina clichés. With the really big cinematic moment always taking place in the mind of the viewer, I would turn the fantasy lever and let them dive into their personal fetish dream.
For this and many other reasons, the extravagant red dress by Brigitte More perfectly underlines these feelings. It has femininity but also has a dominant touch with its studs and rings. Our Serafina looks elegant and clever and knows all too well the effect she has on her victims. Such a bad girl! So arrogant and self-absorbed she is! Or does this bizarre game of provocation, control and dominance actually appeal to her? When the video ends it gives us the perfect answer, full of wit and cryptic humour. 
Mark had the idea during the shoot. Throughout filming, there was a white light switch that was just interfering with every single shot. We laughed our heads off when we finally found out what mark had done with it in the final edit. And so, the light switch became not only part of the film, but also one of its most important elements.
Watch it. You’ll see what I mean… You, bad boy.

Playful short video with Berlin fetish model Sinteque shot at Feisty cat Studios, Berlin.

Model: Sinteque

Filming: Mark Esper & Marie Overgaard

Editing, VFX, Sound: Mark Esper

Music: Ikoliks

Wardrobe: Brigitte More

Special Thanks to: Berserker & Feisty Cat Studios

©2020 Mark Esper. All Rights Reserved.