Big in Japan!

My holiday this year took me to the land of the rising sun. I had been looking forward to it for a long time and it was fantastic. It is such an incredible culture, great people, the best food ever and so contrasting. On the one hand everything is very well organized, uniform and prescribed. On the other hand there are crazy things, like Animee, Gundam robots and Maid Cafes… just incredible!
The last stop of my journey was Tokyo. And of course a reunion with Kido-san, Head of Design at Kurage was on the agenda. I did not only visit him in his fancy colorful shop in Ikebukuro, but we spent a great time together… at a Kurage showcase and Sinteque autograph session at the FYP Fetish Store, visting the wacky Kawaii Monstercafe and having wonderful evening dinners in Tokyo’s great Isakayas.
Japan- I am hooked on you and will be back soon!