AMF Fashion Performance @ WGT & M’era Luna 2017

In time for this year’s Wave Gothik Treffen WGT in Leipzig, Louis Fleischauer aka Aesthetic Meat Front presented his new performance show “Shattered Dreams” and sent the audience to the edge of human abyss. His unusual leather creations are only a part of AMF. The shows go far beyond simple fashion- statements, as they reflect the spirit of the time, social criticism and departure from the mainstream. I appreciate Louis’ work very much and was delighted to be part of the show again – in the role of “Death of all Dreams”.

The photos give you an impression of our show on Obsession Bizarre / WGT (Video coming up soon) … if you want to experience this spectacle live your next chance is on Saturday, the 12th of August 2017 at the M’era Luna Festival / Hildesheim, Germany. Cu there !!!

AMF Show @ Obsession Bizarre / WGT Leipzig 2017, Photos by Gerhard Kern