Membersite Closing SOON!

The neo inquisition is here and offers credit cards.
My members area, where you could download your favorite photosets and videos, will go offline on October 31, 2022 and I would like to share the background with you.
As you know, I have been active in the fetish scene for many years and run a members area. It was never easy and I have changed operators several times. But the current developments have taken on a whole new dynamic. Some of you may have noticed that I could no longer accept Paypal and credit card payments. My membersite operator Shopmaker has been desperately trying to sign new contracts with credit card providers or third parties, but has had to give up in the face of high requirements, restrictions and costs. There is a deep conflict between the adult industry and the payment providers. The payment processors don’t want to give up the high profits that adult offers bring in, but they also don’t want to sully themselves with dirty sex deals. Even big players in the adult industry suffer from ever new requirements from payment processors, but fortunately have enough market power and financial background to survive, while small providers disappear. According to news reports, new platforms such as OnlyFans have further fueled the conflict by distributing uncontrolled content – in some cases even material that is relevant under criminal law. In this respect, payment providers have become the new guardians of morality and determine who may offer which services. Shouldn’t that be the job of the legislature?

So where do we go from here? Currently, I cannot answer this question. Of course I will check all options and see if there can be a reasonable solution. Until the end of October my store is still available, even if with very limited payment options. So feel free to use the offer as long as it exists.