German Fetish Ball Weekend 2005

Catwalk Show for Vex Clothing @ German Fetish Ball 2005

Catwalk Show for Vex Clothing @ German Fetish Ball 2005

I want to give a little review of the German Fetish Ball. I gladly took up the invitiation and started towards Berlin. On Saturday afternoon I visited the Fetish Fair to look around, meet people and finally try on my outfit for the show on Sunday. The fair was surprisingly extensive and the vendors baffeled with a huge selection of fetish wear, bondage equipment and other teasing accessoires. The party on Sunday took place in the Matrix. The Location had a nice ambience and there was room for 4 dancefloors between which you could move. The big fashion show at midnight was the first highlight of the evening.

Escpecially Heidi with her label Savage Wear caused a sensation – and rightly so! The latex designs of the cute girl from Finland who now lives in Berlin captivate by their detailed tailoring, strong colors and and extravagant nature. I was able to walk several times for Vex Clothing which was very exiting because the outfits are a dream! Also I presented a breathtaking, floor-touching evening dress with a deep cut in the back from Fierce Couture – a new Label from Los Angeles that should be taken note of!
Also Libidex was present again and stirred the crowd with a fun show and colorful outfits.

The bondage session by Midori and Kumi has impressed me the most. The bondage theme is a favorite showact on parties but I have never seen it in this perfection and intensity.

Bottom line : I am looking forward to next year.