Video Shortcut – Fashion Show @ Latexpo 2010, Edelfettwerk, Hamburg

From 20th-22nd August the Latexpo took place for the first time was the first time – an outstanding fashion event with a completely new concept. National and international designers gathered in Hamburg to present their latest products.

I myself had the great pleasure of once walking for Savage Wear and showed a special design on the catwalk not seen not before: a jacket with integrated real corset, suitable for waist reducing!

The date for the next Latexpo is already fixed: from 19-20th August 2011 the exhibition reopens its doors. So put a big x in your calendar!

Enjoy that nice video compilation of all shows that were on display at the Latexpo:

Latexpo Fashion Show – Modenschau Edelfettwerk – Hamburg 21-08-2010 from Eric Deyerler on Vimeo.

Sinteque Latexpo Catwalk