The Wallpaper Project by Rüdiger Schestag

The wallpaper project is a collection of wallpaper- and human-portraits.

Originals as well as vintage-wallpapers are at the center of attention in the portrait series by artist Ruediger Schestag. The Wallpaper appears in its intended meaning as “wall-clothes” or “wall-jewelery”.

Stylishly reduced Ruediger Schestag presents the interior of living culture through the ages. Old patterns from times gone by. The vintage trend is especially enjoyed by young people. Some of these patterns appear shrill, colorful and feisty. In contrast to the clothed wall the portrayed women are naked. The halfnudes who are put into scene soemtimes with sometimes without purpose represent the young generation. They chime the revival of the mod-culture and become exctactic by the retro-spective. The young women who are professional models as well as amateurs create a tension between youth an wallpaper. The potrait-series stretches from funny and feisty to melancholic, angelic or shocking. The punk, the hippie-girl the barbie-lookalike – women have many faces as have have wallpapers …

The exhibitions for the wallpaper project start on the 15. january 2005 at the Nieser Gallery in Stuttgart, Germany. More information about Ruediger Schestag and the wallpaper project can be found on the internet