Shooting Trip to Paris – Christophe Mourthe

Last month was characterized by my trip to Paris and my visit to Christophe Mourthe. Gladly I agreed to join him for the opening of his exhibition in the “Musée de l’Erotisme de Paris”. What this actually encompassed became clear to me as I arrived there. Loads of fans, photographers, reporters and camera teams were already tightly gathered. Our appearance did not go unnoticed and we were almost overrun. The feedback was overwhelming … What an evening!

Finally my big dream was fulfilled – a shooting with Christophe Mourthe! I am a great admirer of his photography that shows women as every woman would like to be: spotless, feminine, elegant, admirable … Heidi of Savage Wear had crafted a fantastic geisha outfit especially for this occasion.
Additional support was given by Atsuko Kudo and Absolute Danny, that provided some of their terrific latex designs. Many thanks to you! I will display the results of this collaboration soon on

Sinteque by Christophe Mourthe

Sinteque by Christophe Mourthe

If you are planning a trip to Paris in the next couple of weeks or months you shouldn’t miss this highlight! The exhibition expands across the whole upper floor of the Erotic Museum and shows the best fetish photographs from the works of Christophe Mourthe.

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