Charming Petticoat Fashion in original 50’s style from Setrino

The fifties and and its charming fashion are still an ideal for many women and men. Petticoat dresses and real nylons – with matching high heels and accessories make turn every woman into a bombshell! Fortunately, this fashion is having a renaissance as part of the retro wave and is absolutely a trendy.

I had the chance to model for the latest designs of Setrino Petticoat Fashion and was intoxicated by these fluffy organza dreams! *Sigh* the world can be so beautiful!

Show your feminine side – elegant or playful with clothes and petticoats of Setrino:

sinteque_setrino05 sinteque_setrino38 sinteque_setrino43 sinteque_setrino26