Catanzaro Fashion Show at the Fun Factory Store

Catanzaro Fashion ShowIt is probably no secret that latex is one of my favorite materials for
extravagant outfits. But there are exceptions, such as the
sexy creations of French designer Patrice Catanzaro. The stretchy,
shiny fabric fits like a second skin on the body and feels
like a body painting. I had my eye on this collection for some time and
as the opportunity arose to wear these wonderful clothes in Berlin
for a fashion show, I was immediately hooked. To put the new
collection into scene, none lesser location than the
Berlin flagship store of the Fun Factory used. Fun Factory is famous
for its designer erotic toys, like vibrators in squeaky colors. Well,
if this is not Sex in the City then what is?

Part of the team were Haydee Sparks, Tara la Luna, Mrs. Pepper, Jana
WildatHeart and Doreen. In ever-changing outfits, we were winding through the
store, past the guests and the many press representatives. As it happens so often after these shows, I did not want to take off the clothes and we celebrated until late into the night before and in the Fun Factory Store – the passers happily enjoyed the unexpected sexy view.


Thanks to Sheila Wolf and her Querlesque blog for this great video of
the show: