Awesome Fanart by Christopher Anthony Jaus

To be an inspiration for artists is absolutely great. Some time ago asked a talented illustrator asked me wether whether he yould draw me from one of my photos and *drumroll* – the artwork just fluttered into my mailbox! I think it looks really charming. Thanks to Christopher Anthony Jaus for the great portrait!   […]

Video: Bondinage Show @ German Fetish Ball 2015

The German Fetish Ball is a fixed date every year in my calendar and not only that. It was also also planned long beforehand that I will be part of the Bondinage Catwalk Show. Stephen was so smart to book me way in advance and it was a pleasure for me to walk for him […]

Fashion Shooting for HW Shooting, Vienna

There are brand new creations from Vienna’s latex label HW Design and I had the great pleasure to photograph some of the products for the online catalog. I have known and appreciated HW for many years and often had the opportunity to cooperate with them. Nevertheless, it is still a revelation to see the new […]

AMF Korsets Performance Show @ Schwarzes Leipzig tanzt

The designs of the outstanding artist Louis Fleischauer aka AMF Korsets are not just clothes, but wearable, unique works of art. And so his shows are not a simple catwalk, but a fantastic, dark and energetic spectacles that draw the viewers into their spell and will not let them go. I had another opportunity to […]

European Fetish Award – Best Fetish Model of the Year 2015

Hell yeah! … This year’s German Fetish Ball Weekend was just incredible – a lavish celebration, a charming meet & greet with friends from around the world, a huge kinky celebration! I enjoyed every minute of it and partied until the wee hours. My personal highlight was receiving the award for Best Fetish Model of […]

Setrino Petticoat Fashion Shooting

The Berlin label Setrino designs charming retro fashion in the 40s and 50s style and is especially known for the authentic, lovingly-crafted dresses and petticoats. No one can withstand the appeal of this beautiful, feminine fashion up to this day. Whether girlishly playful or ladylike- thse clothes put female shape perfectly in scene with their […]

Lucardis Feist Fashionshow @ Sage-Club Berlin

I had the pleasure to model for a fashion shoot for Lucardis Feist some time ago. Now there was an opportunity to present one of their latest creations on the catwalk. The splendid evening and wedding dresses of Lucardis Feist transform the wearer into a princess and what woman does not whish to be one? […]

Bondinage Fashion Show @ Dominatrix Party, Amsterdam

The last Dominatrix Party on 11/08/2014 was sensational. I had a great time with friends in Amsterdam, kinky shootings and the extraordinary pleasure to walk for the Bondinage Catwalk Show. With my outfit Stephen has even surpassed himself, according to my opinion. See for yourself! Related posts: Video: Bondinage Show @ German Fetish Ball 2015 […]

Video: Fashion Show for Tatjana Warnecke @ German Fetish Ball 2014

                      Tajana Warnecke is a gifted designer and moreover a dear friend. In this respect I was very happy when she invited me to be part of her fashion show at this year’s German Fetish Ball. Her distinctive design with ribbed PVC elements were partially […]

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