Fetish Evolution Weekend 2005

The Fetishevolution is over but the impressions still last. The Mudia Art with its bombastic, undescribable ambience served as the perfect backdrop for this event that drew fetish-lovers, models, photographers and rubberists from all over the world. I myself was involved in the shows of Libidex and Vex and had a lot of fun! The […]

Book Release & Exhibition “DeGeneration” by Thomas van de Scheck

from 04. march to 29. april 2005 HELP [Hell:Enters:Life:Permanently] exhibition: Galerie Zero Arts/Stuttgart Ostendstraße 16 tel: +49 711-2624315 date: 04. march at 08.00 pm opening hours: tuesday, wednesday & thursday 03.00 pm to 08.00 pm and by appointment   Website Galerie: www.zeroarts.de Website Artist: www.tvds.de Related posts: Book Release: INTENSE – Herr Buchta Sinteque Portrait […]

The Wallpaper Project by Rüdiger Schestag

The wallpaper project is a collection of wallpaper- and human-portraits. Originals as well as vintage-wallpapers are at the center of attention in the portrait series by artist Ruediger Schestag. The Wallpaper appears in its intended meaning as “wall-clothes” or “wall-jewelery”. Stylishly reduced Ruediger Schestag presents the interior of living culture through the ages. Old patterns […]

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