New Photo Set “Kinky Bed Time Story” Online now!

Two bodies wrapped in several layers of black latex, bizarrely masked and ready to play kinky games … Become a voyeur and follow us into the bedroom to watch what happens between the white sheets… Latex Outfits by HW Design Latex, Vienna Photos by Berserker Models: Mistress Sandra & Sinteque Download “Kinky Bed Time Story” […]

Showcase the latest Collection of HW Design Latex

There are again new kinky latex designs from HW Design Vienna and I have the pleasure to present some of the latest creations. My personal highlight is the new hood model Hood 90 with exchangeable, elaborately worked latex braids. Beside the usual great fit the mask offers endless colour variations and can be perfectly matched […]

New Gallery “Jungle Fever” Online Now!

Come with me to the wild side and discover a whole new, unknown species. She hides – perfectly camouflaged – in the depths of the jungle. The shiny green latex skin of this elegant big cat makes her almost invisible in the rich green of the plants. But be careful, the untamed kitten has sharp […]

New Gallery “Vintage Boudoire” Online Now!

Noble lingerie, seamed nylons and high heels are the fabric of which not only men’s dreams are made. I love to wear beautiful lingerie – every single day! Life is too short to wear boring cotton lingerie. Every woman should treat herself to this little luxury – simply to feel beautiful. Photos by Berserker Lingerie: […]

New Photo Set “Sinner or Saint”online NOW!

In all of us lies the desire to do the forbidden. He who is without sin, cast the first stone! And I like to confess my sinful desires, seduced by the sensual shine of latex, which envelops my body like a second skin. Who would not bend the knee in adoration? Photos by Berserker Outfit […]

Shooting for XXX Ambiente / Striking Collars and Bracelets

Necklaces and bracelets have long been an indispensable accessory in the BDSM scene. In the meantime they have reached a wide audience. Whether night owls, alternative girls or clubbers… no one gets around it. The collars have meanwhile acquired a hip, fashionable character. They are not only available in black, but in all sorts of […]

New Gallery “Bizarre Flowers” online now!

When Fetish in all its bizarre beauty meets perfect elegance, something wonderful is created. And what could inspire the imagination more than a tightly laced corset that accentuates the female forms and effectively sets the curves in scene? A matching neck corset, which gives the look austerity and a kinky touch! Photos by Berserker Outfit […]

German Fetish Ball Weekend 2018 / Interview for The Fetishistas

Frankly this year’s German Fetish Ball Weekend was the greatest for me so far. It was not fundamentally different from the years before, but more perfect. Every year I look forward to seeing so many kinky people and friends from all over the world in one place. It’s like a colorful, bizarre family reunion. Everyone […]

New Photo Set “Latex Fashion Addict”online NOW!

When Florence, head designer of the innovative London latex label Torture Garden, starts creating new designs, only great things can happen. Visitors to the fashion shows at this year’s German Fetish Ball were able to see this for themselves. I myself was allowed to present this enchanting outfit on the catwalk – a wonderful style […]

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